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Archive for August, 2008

Made in Canada Group show


Click flyer to enlarge

If you are in the Florida area this Sept then you need to head over to the Bird and Bear gallery inside Tates comics for the all Canadian group show I’m going to be part of.  If you can’t make it there - don’t fret! All artwork will be photographed and available online for sale as well! I sent over some VERY affordable Black & Blood paintings on wood. Buy em up!

More info on the Bird and Bear site.

Hopefully they still have some of the robot shirts that I designed for sale too!

>> Update: Unfortunately the robot shirts won’t be available online as they were a surprise hit and are almost sold out! So get into Tate’s to grab one before they are gone!  There is also a great article about the Made in Canada show here. (Though I am only briefly mentioned! ha)