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Gun Party 2008

Gun Party 2008 happened just the other day.

Thinking about getting a WIND MOBILE account? Think again.

My brother wrote a blog post about how WIND MOBILE screwed my autistic brother. Read the article for the full story but the short version is they LIE on their site coverage map (only after multiple calls to them do they admit the reception where my brother lives is poor and they are planning on installing more towers in A YEAR) That’s fraud.

They have a 14 day window for returns which they “ran the clock” out on us with their piss-poor customer service. (hanging up on us twice, not logging our concerns properly,  waiting for call backs that never came, more lies, blaming the handset and sending us back and forth to the store to get the BRAND NEW phone checked out)

Ended with the presidents office calling us liars (since there wasn’t proper records of our calls - see above)

If you are thinking about WIND Mobile - You’ve been warned!!!